10 Amazing Tips To Get Your Brain Working

Alternative Therapy For Memory Loss

Looking out the best ways to boost your memory? Then you need to check out the essential tips on short and long-term memory loss.

1. Clench Your Fist

Studies suggests that grabbing your right hand and pressing it tightly, helps to memorize shopping lists and phone numbers quickly. Later on, when you need to remember the details, clench out the left fist. Researchers think that the movements activate brain areas key to store and recall memories.

2. Learn Something Before Sleeping

The best method to secure a memory is to go through the matter just before going to bed. It is because some new interfering memories will help you to remember it the upcoming day.

3. Look at Cute Kitten Photos

When you look at the pictures of baby animals (puppies or kittens), it doesn’t make you feel warm inside but can also help you to concentrate better. Studies say that it will improve your performance score by 44%.

4. Flutter Your Eyes

Jiggling your eyes from side to side for nearly 30 seconds lead to hike in concentration. It is because the right and left sides of the brain perform diverse functions and increase communication between them that can enhance mental performance.

5. Drink Red Wine

One half glass of red wine increases cognitive ability and memory. The micronutrients (flavonoids) present in the red wine boost brain function.

6. Behold the Beauty Of Nature

When you look at the pictures of nature, it leads to a significant effect on brain activity. It helps to boost performance by 20%.

7. Do Salsa

Music having robust patterns and rhythms like salsa and reggae are the excellent memory boosters. Just remember the more complicated the dance, the more sue of the brain. It produces an excellent result for people who have Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Learn a New Language

When you learn out a new language, it helps to boost your brain even when you are an adult. It results in improved intelligence and verbal fluency.

9. Avoid Taking Cannabis

According to a new study, teens that are addicted to taking cannabis daily, they are at high risk of permanent damage to their intelligence, memory and attention period.

10. Get Adequate Sleep

A good rest activated the parts of the brain and resulted in improved memory.

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