3 Bad Habits That Can Shorten Brain Longevity

bad habits that can shorten brain longevity

Were you ever told not to do something because it might “rot your brain”? It turns out there may be some truth to that. Figuratively speaking, of course. These are 3 bad habits that can shorten brain longevity.

1. Living in Your Head Too Much

Preferring downtime by yourself to process your day and unwind is not an entirely bad thing. But, too much time by yourself can be detrimental. Your mental well-being will suffer for it eventually. And, so will your body.

Spending too much time with only yourself for company can put you at risk for cognitive dysfunction like Alzheimer’s disease. But, why is that?

Humans are social creatures. Isolated from socializing with others, seniors who are lonely are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and suffer from cognitive decline. But, experts are unsure exactly why.

2. Blasting Music Through Your Headphones

Like listening to your tunes at concert-deafening decibels? You could be causing yourself brain damage. A mere 30 minutes of listening to your favorite album at it’s highest volume can cause permanent hearing loss.

Experts believe that you can only listen to loud music, such as at a rock concert, for a maximum 15 minutes without ear protection. After that, you cause your hearing irreparable damage.

In addition, this loss of brain tissue can increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. If you must listen to music through your headphones, keep the volume low. Otherwise, try not to use your headphones all the time at all.

3. Overeating and Gorging on Junk Food

Finally, if you truly “are what you eat” overeating junk food is turning your brain into junk. Eating at the drive-thru too often not only has little to offer your body nutrient-wise. It can also weaken cognitive function.

Your brain needs healthy foods to provide the nutrients it needs to keep it running efficiently. But, that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard with your food portions. Being overweight is also detrimental to your brain.

Final Thoughts

You probably don’t realize how often you do these 3 bad habits that can shorten brain longevity. But, now that you are aware, it’s time to break those habits. And, develop healthy ones for a longer and healthier life.

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