3 Key Lifestyle Changes for People with Progressive Memory Loss

lifestyle changes for living with progressive memory loss

Living with progressive memory loss can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are three key lifestyle changes for living with progressive memory loss.


Your memory may be slipping, but there are ways to keep you on the ball in the meantime. Do activities that keep your brain sharp.

  • Learn to play a musical instrument.
  • Do Sudoku puzzles.
  • Challenge yourself by taking alternate routes when driving.
  • Go to your local community organization or school and volunteer.

Get organized and stay organized. There are tactics that you can try:

  • Write things down.
  • Keep a schedule on a whiteboard where it’s easy to see.
  • Write down everything.
  • Use checklists.
  • Keep important items like keys and cellphone in a specific place.
  • Take it slow and focus on one task at a time.


Taking care of yourself physically is just as important as mentally. Proper exercise and eating right helps maintain your well-being.

Cardiovascular activity can help prevent the decline of your mental faculties. It may also improve your mood. And help you sleep better. According to the Mayo Clinic, sleeping well helps you consolidate your memories.

Also, remember to eat right. A diet rich in produce and whole grains will help you stay healthy. Eat low-fat protein sources and minimize your alcohol consumption.


Don’t hide away from the world. Get together with family, friends, and loved ones as often as possible. The social interactions will keep stress and depression at bay. Both depression and stress are known to contribute to memory deterioration. It also provides you with a much-needed support network.

Final Thoughts

The progressive memory loss diagnosis does not need to upend your life. Minor adjustments can assist to improve your quality of life. These key lifestyle changes for living with progressive memory loss can help.

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