3 Researched Methods to Combat Memory Loss

What can you do to protect your memory?

Many adults worry about forgetting important parts of their past as they age. But what are the best methods to combat memory loss? Here are three science-based approaches that will help you keep your brain sharp at any age.

Get Enough Sleep

How much do you sleep every night? Do you get to enjoy deep sleep with no interruptions? Do you wake up fresh in the morning?

Sleep is crucial to making new memories. When a new piece of information enters your long-term memory, it needs sleep to consolidate. Consolidation basically means that your brain needs enough time to store a memory correctly. So your brain processes your memories while you sleep, and then you can access them at any time.

Getting enough rest will also increase your focus, and improve your circulation too. You can avoid some serious health issues if you keep a healthy sleeping schedule.

Try a Sport

Studies show that physical exercise is one of the best methods to combat memory loss. Just like sleep, a regular exercise regime will keep your blood flowing well. Hence, your brain will get all the oxygen it needs.

But there are other ways that sport can help you stay sharp. To perform well in any sport, you need to use and develop your spatial memory. Swimming, dancing and yoga are all great choices, since they require full-body coordination, and this presents an extra challenge to your brain.

Call a Friend

If you have got memory problems, you might feel tempted to stay away from social situations. After all, everyone likes to avoid potential embarrassment.

But researchers say that keeping an active social life can help you fight age-related memory loss. The more you use your brain, the better your memory will become, so don’t hesitate to go out and collect new experiences.

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