4 Factors that Might be Affecting Your Memory and Focus

Not being able to focus, or to memorize things as fast as you used to, can affect your life in various ways. Regardless if you are a student, if you’re working or have already retired, anybody can be subjected to a memory or concentration problem, and knowing what has led to it can be useful in actually finding a solution. Although the list of things that can cause inconveniences in this department can be quite long, a few of them are most frequently discussed by specialists. So, here are the things that might be affecting your memory and focus and what you can do about them:

Food and eating patterns

Yes, the foods you choose to consume on a daily basis can actually be deteriorating your memory.  Unhealthy foods, such as snacks rich in sugar or carbs, fried meals, and greasy foods, in general, don’t contribute to the maintenance of an optimal memory activity. Moreover, besides the foods your diet consists of, your eating schedule is also relevant in this department. If you have the bad habit of eating at late hours, and not letting your body fast for 12 hours, from dinner until breakfast, can increase the risk of memory related conditions, such as dementia. So, trying to be more concerned with your meal schedule, and to add healthier food options to your diet can provide you positive outcomes, helping sharpen your brain.

Loneliness – be more socially active!

Surprisingly, researchers have found that people who isolate themselves socially have higher risks of being confronted with Alzheimer’ disease or dementia in the future. A feeling of loneliness also affects your capacity to concentrate, and dealing with a bad memory can be a common outcome. Trying to become more sociable and engaging in different type of social activities can actually help your memory in the long run.

Dehydration – pay attention to your daily water drinking

As strange as it might seem for you, losing focus can have something to do with you not drinking enough water. Dehydration can make you experience fatigue, headaches, bad moods, and ultimately the inability to concentrate properly in certain situations. Paying attention to how much water you are drinking on the regular is recommended.

Lack of physical activity – start exercising!

Even if you might have a hectic work schedule that involves hours of sitting in front of the computer, that does not mean you should not value exercise as part of your lifestyle. Sedentary people are unable to actually spot the level of their inability to focused or memorize things until they start including exercises in their life. Being physically active can help your brain and memory tremendously.

Whether you have experienced focus and concentration problems, or your memory has started to worsen, knowing which factors might be causing you these problems is necessary. These few things are usually the most frequently linked to focus and memory issues, so if they sound familiar to you, perhaps it’s time to make a few necessary changes and give your brain the boost it needs

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