4 Lean Bean Recipes For Wight Loss

#1. Costa Rican Black Bean Soup by Jamie Oliver

Whenever I need to convince someone about how delicious and versatile an ingredient is, Jamie Oliver is my go-to chef. This Costa Rican Black Bean Soup is literally a heaven meal in a bowl. High in fiber and protein, this hardy soup is going to keep your stomach satisfied for the whole afternoon.

Don’t be freak out by the calories and fat content you see on his website. These values are credited to the eggs found in the recipe. And if you don’t know by now, eggs are super nutritious and can safely be part of any diet regime.

#2. Amy’s Toasted Chickpeas by Kin Community

Roasted chickpeas are my major food addiction right now. Super simple, delicious, and—most importantly—lean alternative to buttery popcorn, chips, and other junk foods we tend to munch on. What’s not to love?

#3. 12 Creative Recipes with Canned Chickpeas by Alex French Guy Cooking

Lack of inspiration? This video is going to help you out. His love for beans goes most likely beyond mine.

#4. 5-Min Vegan Burrito by Happy Pear

Are you in a pinch? All you need is 5-min to whip up this on the go vegan burrito that is packed with killer flavors.
Give it a try. I promise you won’t regret. (Hey, you might even go vegan.)

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