5 Simple Ways to Cope with Memory Loss

ways to cope with memory loss

If you are newly diagnosed with a disorder that causes memory issues, the best you can do is remain calm. Memory problems will seriously affect your life, but in time, you will discover ways to cope with memory loss.

Five Tricks That Work:

1. Stick to your established routines

Many people who live with memory loss experience frustration or anxiety when they are forced into new situations. The more frustrated you are, the worse your memory loss may get. It is thus a good idea to develop a strict daily routine. You might also want to write it down.

2. Adapt your home

Buy any items or appliances that will help you complete your daily tasks. For example, a pill box will help you keep track of your meds. Microwaves are safer to use than stoves since there’s no risk of causing a fire if you forget to turn them off.

3. Consider hiring a professional

There is no shame in getting someone else to do your taxes, your shopping, or to drive you to your destinations.

4. Use your smartphone

Even if you’re not a tech fan, keeping a smartphone at hand is a great idea. For example, you can get an app that will help you find your way through the city. There are also list apps that let you store the things you want to remember.

5. Use a pen and paper

Conversely, you shouldn’t discount the old-fashioned solutions. Some people love using post-it notes. You should definitely write down important info in a notebook and then keep it with you at all times.


It might take a while, but you will eventually discover many different ways to cope with memory loss. Make sure to plan ahead and pay attention to the details. Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help, either.

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