5 Symptoms of a Brain Tumor You Should Look Out For

symptoms of a brain tumor

Brain tumor affects around 700,000 people across the US. People of any age can develop this tumor. While the fatality rates are high, doctors can help a lot if they start treating the tumor in time.

So what are the most significant symptoms of a brain tumor? How do you know you need to seek out medical attention?


There are many reasons you may feel numbness in your body or your face. A brain tumor is one potential cause. This is especially likely if the tumor forms on the brain stem.

If you feel numb and unusually clumsy, ask your doctor about it as soon as possible. Some testing will reveal whether you have anything to worry about.


A brain tumor can also cause nausea.

Once again, you don’t need to panic. There can be other reasons behind this symptom. But only your doctor can tell for sure.

Vision Problems

Blurry vision is also among the symptoms of a brain tumor. You may also lose your vision or see double. Brain injury often comes with vision problems


Around 3 in 5 people with a brain tumor will have at least one seizure in their lifetime.

These seizures can be extremely dangerous to your health. They usually last around two or three minutes. You may lose your consciousness, and you are also at risk of choking.

Memory Problems

Do you feel confused sometimes? Did you become more forgetful than before? These could be indicators of a brain tumor.

However, these symptoms are easy to mistake for age-related cognitive decline.

What About Headaches?

As the brain tumor advances, it can cause headaches. But they aren’t among the first symptoms.

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