8 Tips To Improve Brain Health and Memory

Millions of people are affected by amnesia. Whether it’s your loved one or you, the physical and emotional impact of dementia is tremendous and frustrating. In many cases, memory loss can be reversed using the specific actions. Check out these eight tips to improve your brain health and memory.

1. Eat Fish

The omega-3 packed fish is impressive for your brain. It includes wild anchovy, salmon, sardines, and Shellfish.

2. Consume Fat

Remember your brain is built up of fat, so start taking good fat like avocado and coconut.

3. Skip Grains

In the case, you are consuming Paleo, avoid eating grains. Grains damage your brain. For this check out the book ‘Grain brain.’

4. Wipe Out The Poisons In Your House

Just you need to avoid using the injurious cleaning and laundry products, scented candles, toxic personal care items, and air scents.

5. Get Proper Sleep Daily

You have to receive the sufficient amount of quality sleep each night as it heals and rejuvenates your body. In fact, it most memories is turned into long-term form short-term while we sleep. Just remember the famous saying: “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”

6. Consume Only 100% Organic And Paleo Foods

Harmful pesticides and other toxins contained in non-organic foods result in memory loss and destroy your health. Paleo foods are non-processed, Gluten-free and GMO-free foods consumed by our ancestors.

7. Include Spices In Your Diet

Nutrients packed spices, veggies and herbs are an ideal brain food. just you need to sprinkle some of the organic spices on your meal.

8. Restrict Blue Light Exposure

Limit blue light from indoor lighting, computer, TV, and mobile devices. Buy a pair of blue light blocking glasses to safeguard your health

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