Brain Hypoxia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment Options

causes of brain hypoxia

You are in a lot of danger when your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. This condition is called brain hypoxia and it comes from a number of different causes.

Here are the most important things you need to know about the symptoms and the causes of brain hypoxia. The article covers treatment options as well.

Symptoms and Causes of Brain Hypoxia

How does brain hypoxia manifest? It comes with memory loss and impaired movement, as well as focus issues. You might also experience difficulties with making good decisions.

But there are more severe symptoms as well. If your brain hypoxia is severe, you might experience seizures. This condition can be fatal too.

So what are the top causes of brain hypoxia?

  • Head Injuries

People who play football or engage in boxing are at a particularly high risk. Traffic accidents are a risk factor as well.

  • Drowning

Drowning causes brain hypoxia. Hence, swimmers are particularly at risk.

  • Gas Poisoning and High Altitudes

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a frequent cause. Reaching extremely high altitudes is dangerous too.

  • Various Medical Conditions

People with severe asthma are at a high risk of brain hypoxia. It can also be caused by very low blood sugar. Weak breathing muscles are a risk factor as well.

Treatment Options

So how can you treat brain hypoxia?

It requires immediate medical treatment. The main goal is to restore the normal flow of oxygen to the brain. A breathing machine can be crucial to treating this problem.

Fast treatment can greatly reduce the risk of lasting injury. But prevention is preferable. Hence, people with asthma and low blood sugar should always carefully manage their conditions.

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