Can Association Games Improve Your Memory?

can association games improve your memory

You’ll hear about all sorts of memorizing techniques. Among them, you’re likely to stumble upon association games. In this article, we ask can association games improve your memory. In addition, we explain how association helps the brain to recall information more efficiently.

What Are Association Games?

When you associate, you link different pieces of information together. Let’s say, you associate a restaurant with an especially nice meal you had there. Every time you think of the restaurant, you’ll also think of the delicious meal. That’s an association.

When you play an association game, you create new associations. Playing it in a group, you can, for example, have one person start off with a random word. It’s up to the next person to create an association. So, you go from person to person, each creating a new association.

It’s worth checking out all the different association games available.

What is the Association Memorizing Technique?

When examining the question can association games improve your memory, we need to look at how association can improve memory.

Let me give you an example. Supposing you have a doctor’s appointment at 10am but you find it difficult to remember numbers and times. If you associate the number 10 with an image, you increase your chances of retaining it. So, associate the image of your 10 fingers with the number. This way, you’re more likely to remember the time of your appointment.

Final Thoughts

So, can association games improve your memory? Well, the answer has got to be “yes”. Because association is such a powerful memorizing technique, playing association games helps to train you in the art of association. You can then go onto using association to memorize information in your everyday life.

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