Can High Cholesterol Be Good for Your Brain?

Can high cholesterol be good

You probably know about the dangers of high cholesterol. It puts you at risk of a heart attack and other cardiovascular issues. Additionally, it increases your risk of having a stroke.

But can high cholesterol be good in some cases? Could it improve our health in any way?

The Effects of High Cholesterol on the Brain

A new study shows that high cholesterol can be associated with better cognitive health. But this is only true in some circumstances. So is high cholesterol ever good for the brain?

This study observed people aged 85 to 94. There were nearly 1,900 tests subjects. So what did the scientists find?

Those who had high cholesterol suffered from memory loss to a lower degree.

In most cases, high cholesterol makes your cognitive decline worse. Is this no longer true over a certain age? How does science explain the change that happens in people older than 85?

A Potential Explanation

High cholesterol is damaging to your overall health. But if you survive to an advanced age with high cholesterol, you are also likelier to have a healthy brain. Scientists can’t explain this connection yet.

However, it seems likely that there is a common factor involved. You may have a trait that protects you from the effects of high cholesterol. This trait is also good for your brain health.

A lot more research is needed about this trait.


Can high cholesterol be good for your brain? Not really.

Some people have a trait that helps them resist the damage that comes from high cholesterol. They are also protected against age-related memory loss. But cholesterol doesn’t improve their health in any way.

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