Can People with MS Turn to Their Phones for Help?

phone help for MS

The short answer is “Yes!” (with internet access). These days, there’s abundant phone help for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) sufferers out there: information, entertainment, even lifestyle coaching. So let’s explore some of these.

MS Info

The NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) has a long list of studies on MS (with conclusions in plain English). There are studies on exercise, mindfulness, psychotherapy, even music therapy. And you can sign up for email alerts or an RSS feed to keep up to date.


Exercise can be effective in improving muscular strength and aerobic capacity in people with MS. Look up “Exercise for MS” on YouTube; the number of offerings might astound you. Here you can find exercise videos ranging from full routines to programs adjusted for level of fatigue. So you’re bound to find something that suits your energy.


You’ll find information, videos, and apps about mindfulness on your phone. Some of these will guide you through a mindfulness process. Or try mindfulness meditation, and find an app to mark time for you.


Psychotherapy is another option for MS patients. Some therapists treat clients over the phone. You can also find demonstrations to help you judge whether a style of therapy might fit you.

Music Therapy

There are wonderful compilations of music online for all tastes. And you’ll find TEDx talks by specialists in the field on the benefits of music therapy.


Games, books to read or listen to, all in the palm of your hand – a pint-sized, full-on entertainment package. Also, you can watch baby animal videos. Research shows it can improve your life.


Organizational apps help you remember to take medication or track your mood and symptoms. There are also apps to help you shop and arrange for deliveries or services.


There are millions of networking and support sites to encourage socializing. And if you haven’t started making friends online yet, Facebook is a good place to begin.

So Can People with MS Turn to Their Phones for Help?
Yes! In fact, phone help for MS patients is abundant and invaluable.

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