Can You Get Alzheimer’s Through a Blood Transfusion?

Alzheimer’s through a blood transfusion

Alzheimer’s is a disease that damages and kills the cells within our brain. Unfortunately, no tangible evidence confirms what causes it. However, there is a group of scientists out there who have performed trials on mice in place of humans. Through these trials, it’s suggested that it’s possible to pass Alzheimer’s through a blood transfusion.

How Is That Possible?

Reportedly, there is a protein beta-amyloid in our blood that could be partly responsible for Alzheimer’s. Transfusions were performed from Alzheimer-infected mice to normal mice. The scientists involved found evidence that those beta-amyloids transferred to the transfusion recipient. Reportedly, the mice then began experiencing signs associated with early Alzheimer’s. This seemed to confirm their theory that you can transfer Alzheimer’s through a blood transfusion.

Is This Real?

Although it definitely is real, the transfusion between the mice was different to an everyday transfusion done with humans. It involved the two mice to actually be surgically joined, which allowed for a lot more of their blood to mingle then is usually done with a straightforward transfusion. It’s for this reason that the scientists involved are not too enthusiastic as of yet about their research. The neurologists involved have gone so far as to say that they don’t have any ‘real evidence’ as of yet.


With a rise in those who donate blood, the thought of diseases such as this being transferrable through a transfusion can be scary. Considering transfusions are done when a patient is already in a vulnerable state, the thought that they could also end up with Alzheimer’s through a blood transfusion could even act as a deterrent for those needing medical assistance.

However, it’s important to realize that the screening tests associated with donating blood should rule this out. Many other factors come into play with Alzheimer’s and its chances as well.

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