Canola Oil: Is It Good or Bad for Your Brain?

risks of canola oil

Canola oil is a popular choice for people who want lower cholesterol levels. Some consider it healthier than olive oil.

But what is the truth? What are the risks of canola oil? Do they outweigh the benefits?

The Risks of Canola Oil

Scientists have found that canola oil could be bad for your brain. They studied two groups of mice. The test group got two teaspoons of canola oil every day.

What did the study find? The mice who received canola oil performed worse on tests. Their memory was impacted as well as their ability to focus.

Additionally, it seems possible that canola oil will put you at risk of Alzheimer’s. It worsens your memory and ages the brain. This is probably because it causes plaque to form in the brain.

You should keep in mind that olive oil can help you prevent Alzheimer’s instead. So when it comes to your brain health, olive oil is the clear winner.

The Benefits of Canola Oil

Canola oil can keep your cholesterol levels low. But is this enough to make up for the risks of canola oil?

Low cholesterol is definitely important to your brain health. This is especially true at an advanced age. Cholesterol can cause heart disease and related health problems.

Additionally, research shows that cholesterol and brain function are interlinked. However, this connection requires further study. It’s not clear yet how cholesterol levels impact your memory.

The Final Word

Should you go for canola oil? It can be a good choice in moderation.

But extra virgin olive oil is the healthier option. After all, it can protect your brain as well as your heart health.

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