Computer-Based Training May Be the Key to Improving Memory

improving cognitive function through computer based training

Computer programs help in many aspects of our lives. But, does it also help improve memory for those at risk of age-related cognitive decline? The key may be in improving cognitive function through computer based training.

Getting older slows you down. Your body doesn’t move the way it used to. And, neither does your mind. The age-related cognitive decline is not only accepted. It is expected. But, is there anything you can do to keep your mind sharp?

Experts believe that cognitive aging is a normal part of growing older. More notably, memory, language, and processing speed seem to be the most vulnerable. However, there are certain things you can do to sharpen your cognitive processes against this inevitable alteration.

One innovative avenue is using computers for memory and attention training. According to experts, episodic memory is the most affected in age-related cognitive decline. Your episodic memory is the knowledge of what happened to you. More like the autobiographical memories in your mind.

So, in a review of studies on the efficiency of using computer-based programs for mild cognitive impairment (MCI), the consensus was neutral. Scientists did find positive correlation towards these individuals and interventions using computer-based training. But, the actual training interventions were relatively short-term. This means that scientists need more research and longer times for observation.

However, if you were a healthy senior cognitive training could benefit you. Many other studies focus on individuals already diagnosed with cognitive conditions. But, if used as a preventative measure to slow down the effects of decline it may work better.

Additionally, it’s non-evasive and could simply work into your routine. Individualized training can also cater to your specific needs. Though, further research still needs to be conducted to establish effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to sharpen your mental processes and stave of cognitive decline. One choice you may have in the future is improving cognitive function through computer based training. Until then, living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things you can do.

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