Could Knitting Improve Memory?

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Handcrafting is an excellent way to prevent degenerative cognitive ability diseases, redecorate spaces and offer beautiful details made at home for your loved ones.

In the world of crafts, knitting stands out for its positive results in memory reactivation. For those who enjoy knitting, each row triggers satisfaction to the point of generating passion and arachnid addiction.

Knitting improves memory and happiness!

When you enjoy doing something, all the senses are triggered, making your brain release serotonin, the happiness hormone.

Thus, knitting not only gives positive results for memory but also to prevent depression. Creative processes bring a new sense of satisfaction. Knitting also promotes group identification when enlisted in an embroidery club.

Hence, associations against Alzheimer’s introduce Wool Therapy among its activities. Currently, it’s part of the Non-pharmacological Treatment Sessions with seniors at a preventive level and with patients affected by Alzheimer’s disease in mild or moderate phase.

Knitting is not such an easy task you can excel in just a few hours. It requires rhythm, requires mental agility and, in turn, requires hand mobility every step of the way.

Wool Therapy to prevent Alzheimer’s

Wool Therapy is an exercise with innumerable health benefits highly recommended to exercise both cerebral hemispheres since it requires motor coordination, retentiveness, and mental ability to generate intricate connections between each loop to obtain the perfect design you’re aiming.

  • Stockings, shawls, sweaters… They are created from a single thread and a couple of needles commanded by complex brain patterns.
  • This manual exercise forces us to keep our hands moving, preventing them from becoming stiff, making arthritis pain lighter and less noticeable.
  • Finally, it helps to focus on the “here and now,” generating a relaxation that can help you overcome stress or anxiety through a pleasant feeling of well-being.
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