Could Video Games Improve Your Teen’s Cognitive Abilities?

improve your teen’s cognitive abilities

Many parents worry about video games. After all, some of these games are violent. Most of them also keep your teenager hunched over a screen or a smartphone.

But it seems that there are some unexpected upsides to playing video games. Some games can improve your teen’s cognitive abilities.

Here are some questions you might have about video games and cognitive performance.

Which Games Are the Best for Your Mind?

Scientists from Geneva have compared the effects of different games on the brain. They found that action games art likeliest to improve your teen’s cognitive abilities. This includes strategy games and shooter games.

Why Are Games Good for Your Cognitive Skills?

It is clear that playing games can be good for your problem-solving ability. After all, puzzles are an important part of most contemporary games.

But action games are even more useful than regular puzzles. They improve your spatial thinking and your attention to detail.

Furthermore, they make your thinking more flexible. Since these games are fast-paced, it’s important to make complex decisions very quickly. To be successful at a game, you have to evaluate many factors at once.

Finally, there is a way that video games stand out from other forms of entertainment. They contain a lot of repetition. This means they offer a unique form of effective studying.

Are There Any Other Health Benefits of Playing Video Games?

Experts say that video games are a good form of anxiety relief too. They can offer a distraction from any pain. Some games are designed to motivate people to start exercising.

There are social and emotional factors to consider as well. Games can help young people connect to each other and improve their confidence.

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