Dancing Can Help Improve Your Memory – Here’s How

dancing can help improve your memory

If you’re planning to start a new exercise regimen, you might want to consider taking up dance classes.

Learning various dances is a great way to keep in shape, socialize, and break out of your usual routines. What’s more, recent research also shows that dancing can help improve your memory. But what makes dancing so special?

How Dancing Can Help Improve Your Memory

Dancing requires a unique combination of physical and mental work.

  • When your brain learns and then implements the steps of a new dance, its connectivity grows. Because of the complexity of dancing, four different regions of the brain contribute to your movements. This will help combat the effects of aging, and keep you mentally young.

  • To become a good dancer, you have to learn to pay attention to many things at once: the music, the crowd, your partner, and your own body, as well. This is why learning to dance will enhance your alertness and coordination.

  • A lot of planning goes into dancing, even though you may not notice it at the time. While on the dance floor, you have to keep track of the upcoming steps – not just your own, but everybody else’s, too.

  • At any age, dancing will help you keep fit and flexible. Taking classes regularly will improve your circulation and stabilize your blood pressure. Frequently, it can also help keep your weight under control. All of this is absolutely crucial to maintaining the health of your brain.

As soon as you start learning to dance, you will notice an improvement in your mental performance. But researchers say that dancing is a great preventive measure, as well. Older people who take dance classes are less likely to suffer from Parkinson’s.


Since it activates four different regions of your brain, dancing can help improve your memory. It also helps your body stay in good shape. If you want to protect your long-term health in a fun and easy way, go out and find the right dance studio for you.

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