Get it Covered with Gadgets: 5 Ways to Set Reminders

The many technological advances have been blamed for our short attention spans and scattered minds. However, they can also be a boon to those experiencing those exact problems. Here are some handy tools and tricks you can use to help you remember everything you forgot.

#1. Timely reminders

If you have a smartphone, as most of us do, there are several native apps you can use to keep track of anything you can think of. As a personal example, I use the calendar to remind me of appointments and I use the alarm function to remind me it’s medication time. Each app beeps or sends a notification when it’s time to do a planned task.

#2. App-ly yourself

Of course, those aren’t the only apps that can come in handy. Many phones come with other useful apps for memory, including apps for making notes or making voice messages. If your phone doesn’t have that, you can easily find similar apps in the App Store or in Google Play.

#3. Do it daily

If you prefer things a little more low-tech, there’s always the traditional calendar. You can get a hanging one where you can write reminders on days or buy a planner, if you’d like your calendar to be a little more portable.

#4. Here’s your sign

Similar to hanging a calendar, hanging a writing board in your home office or kitchen is also quite handy. Whether it’s a chalkboard or a dry erase board, it’s helpful to have a space for you and/or your family to make notes.

#5. Be a pill

Keeping up with medications can be one of the trickiest tasks even if you’re not having memory issues. Thankfully, we have pill dispensers to make it easier. You’re likely familiar with the plastic containers with dividers for each day, but today, there are more advanced types. There are some, for example, with built-in timers that will prompt you to take your medication. There are others that will dispense only the amount you need at a certain time. This is especially helpful, since it can keep you from over-taking your medication, an obvious danger.

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