Healthy Brainstorming Techniques


Brainstorming is a technique for solving problems combine a relaxed and informal approach to solving problems with lateral thinking. People can come up with thoughts and ideas that look crazy at first. While some of the ideas can solve the problem, others can generate more ideas. In so doing, it helps people to think outside the box.

During the whole process, you have to open up possibilities. At the end of the session, evaluate the ideas, and explore the solutions further by employing conventional approaches. The following are brainstorming techniques you can apply to help you get out in a challenging situation.

Brainstorming techniques

Attribute change. No matter your gender, race, height, weight, intellectual capacity, and nationality, it matters how you approach a subject. When you change the attribute, you are exposed to a new spectrum of thinking that you were subconsciously not able to.

Group Ideation. Involve several people to brainstorm your ideas. More brains will find the best solution and faster than one person.

SWOT Analysis. Try to analyze the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Your mind will open to ideas that were not disclosed to you before.

Brain-writing. Come up with a group of people and let them write their ideas on their books/papers. Then keep on rotating the paper till everyone has written on everyone’s sheet of paper.

Driver analysis. In your situation, identify the forces that are driving you forward and the ones that are acting against you. Then think how you can amplify the former and reduce the latter.

Exaggeration technique. Exaggerate your goal and see how you can approach the whole idea. Say, “what if it was five times the current situation? 20 times or even 50 times? ” You can as well shrink it. “What if it were 1/5 times the current situation, 1/20 or 1/50.” You can also multiply it. What if you have 5 of these goals, 10, and 20?

All these brainstorming ideas will help you in problem-solving and elevate your problem-solving capabilities.


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