Home Remedies to cure Memory Loss

There are many common causes of the memory loss. Memory is the most crucial part of our body, and our life is nothing without it. The consultation of doctor is essential if the case is very critical, but there are some natural remedies with which we can treat ourselves without a penny.

Almond milkshakes

Almonds are great to boost your brain power and makes your nervous system very strong.


You need to soak the almond in the evening. Make the paste of almonds on the next day. Add the paste into 250 ml of milk. Boiling it for 10 minutes while adding some ghee and sugar in it. You can drink it as lukewarm.


With the help of this process, you can cure the memory permanently. But you need to use this treatment for at least 40 to 50 days.


This is also known as Convolvulus pluricaulis. This is the reliable brain tonic. It is counted in one of the best natural herbs which help in improving memory. This is famous herb in Ayurveda from centuries to revitalize nervous functions. If anyone has a serious mental disorder, in that condition, the plant of Shankhpushpi is helpful. We can also use its root, leaves, flower, and stem of this herbal plant.


Brahmi is one of the herbs which helps in purifying your blood and makes the proper stimulation. This is one of the brain tonics for making nervous system healthy. One can drink one or two teaspoons of juice which can be extracted from the leaves of this herb. The fastest recovery can be made with the help of massaging forehead with the Brahmi oil on the night. This is the quickest way from recovering memory loss disease.

Balancing diet

If we balance our diet and nutrition, it will help in developing our brain in a better way. So, the memory loss can be cured with this efficient method. We need to eat organic foods and fruits and stop eating junk foods and drinks which are bad for our health.

So, you don’t need to panic. These are the natural remedies that will help in the curing of memory loss and mental disorders.

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