How Dangerous Are Mild Concussions?

how dangerous are mild concussions

Around 1 in 5 teenagers have had a mild concussion at least once. Girls and boys are equally at risk of it.

But how dangerous are mild concussions really? What are the main dangers? And what should you look out for if you’ve had a concussion?

The Dangers of Concussions

Scientists say that a single mild concussion won’t make significant changes in your life. However, it does have some long-term consequences.

Years after your concussion, you might still get headaches sometimes. You are also at an increased risk of depression. Furthermore, memory issues may cause difficulties.

There are some subtler consequences as well. A concussion can increase certain conditions you already have.

If you get carsick, a concussion can make your symptoms more severe. People who suffer from anxiety could have to make readjustments too. After all, a concussion can intensify your condition.

So how dangerous are mild concussions? Even a single concussion creates some degree of lasting damage. It also increases your chances of suffering from brain atrophy.

What You Should Do About It

If you have experienced a mild concussion, turn to a doctor immediately. After all, there may be other injuries they will need to treat. It is also extremely important to follow their instructions to the letter.

Rest is the most important part of recovery. However, you should also avoid alcohol. Your doctor might prescribe pain medication as well.

But there is another very important consideration.

One mild concussion usually isn’t too dangerous. But in some cases, a second concussion can be deadly. The risk is highest immediately after you get concussed.

Thus, you have to be extremely careful in the aftermath of your concussion. Keep away from dangerous situations. Since your balance might be disrupted, your best option is to stay in one place.

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