How Our Brains Could Hold the Secret to Eternal Youth

secret of eternal youth

2200 years ago, the Emperor of China ordered his subjects to create a potion that would keep him young. He died of mercury poisoning not long after. But he was only one of many rulers and great thinkers who were fascinated by the thought of immortality.

Today, we understand the process of aging. We can treat a number of illnesses. However, we are yet to discover the secret of eternal youth.

Our Brains May Hold the Key

Medical science has found a way to slow down the aging process in mice.

The aging process is centered in the hypothalamus. This is the part of our brains that controls growth and reproduction. It contains a small cluster of stem cells.

These stem cells change and decline over time. It seems that this causes our bodies age as well.

When we get older, we have fewer stem cells in the hypothalamus. So can we reverse the process? Is adding more stem cells really the secret of eternal youth?

Research indicates that it can make a great amount of difference. Inserting stem cells reversed aging in mice by a significant amount. But there was another fascinating finding as well.

The hypothalamus releases certain molecules into the cerebrospinal fluid. However, scientists found to make these molecules artificially. It is also simple to insert them.

So did it work? Scientists found that this is another good way to reverse aging.

A Final Word

The hypothalamus may hold the key to staying young. But scientists need to do a lot more research before it is safe to test this out on humans. There are also some other scientific approaches that may be more effective.

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