How to Live with Progressive Memory Loss

progressive memory loss

Different levels of memory loss really can dictate just how a person goes about their life. General memory loss from old age could be considered less severe, with just forgetting a name or face here or there. But there are more serious stages of memory loss. These are generally associated with progressive memory loss and are caused by things such as dementia or chronic illness. However, with advances in technology, there are many things out there designed to make life with progressive memory loss easier.

Your Mobile Phone

The wonder that is the modern smartphone can be a saving grace for those living with progressive memory loss. The apps that are available for phones can help with anything from brain games to reminders. On the safety side of things, if the memory loss has become a safety risk, it is also possible to track a smartphone. This means if you are lost, your loved ones can find you easily.

Motion Sensor Reminders

These are like the buzzers that go off when you enter stores, to alert staff of your entering. In terms of them assisting with progressive memory loss though, they can be set around your house with voice reminders. For example, one could be placed near your oven with a pre-recorded message alerting you to wear oven mitts. This stops you from hurting yourself if you have a ‘bad memory’ day.

Diaries (Electronic or Hand Written)

This option has been around forever, but there is now a technical option for it as well. Writing in a diary is an effective way to record important information. When read at a later time, it can also serve as a kickstart for your brain to recall valuable information.


These are just a few examples of things available to assist those living with progressive memory loss. With the use of them, it’s important to put some research in and make sure the methods you are trying are suited to the specific person affected.

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