Ignorance Isn’t Bliss When It Comes to Memory Loss

memory loss warning signs

If you have been noticing your memory lapsing more frequently, or if you have trouble with bouts of confusion or forgetfulness, don’t ignore these red flags. These are memory loss warning signs to watch out for.

Don’t Ignore These Red Flags

Mild memory loss is a part of aging. Forgetting someone’s name; where you put your glasses; misplacing car keys; these are normal signs of normal age-related memory loss. Typically, it does not affect your daily life. And is no more than a nuisance.

It gets more difficult when your memory loss is a symptom of something more serious. Symptoms of dementia sneak up on you the same way. It begins gradually. Eventually, it worsens over time, though, and affects your ability to live your daily life.

Signs of dementia are different from age-related memory loss. These are some memory loss warning signs to watch out for. You find yourself asking the same question repeatedly without realizing it. You misplace things in odd or inappropriate places like putting a kitchen knife in the microwave. Or maybe your personality has changed? Behavior or mood changes for no discernable reason. These are all early warning signs of dementia.

In between the two extremes of dementia and age-related memory loss, there is mild cognitive impairment. Symptoms of this may not seem as extreme as dementia, but considered equally serious.

With mild cognitive impairment, one area of your thinking skills is notably deteriorating —like memory, for example. In this instance, memory impairment is stronger than age-related memory loss, but not as extreme as early dementia.

Final Thoughts

It’s easy to sweep memory loss episodes under the rug. There are memory loss warning signs to watch out for. If any of this sound familiar, you should seek a doctor’s opinion.

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