Is Dark Chocolate Helpful To Boost Memory?

Do you know chocolate benefits your mood and brain? Consuming a moderate amount of dark chocolate helps to boost health. According to a study published by Nature Neuroscience, your mind works better after eating this superfood.

The naturally occurring compounds like flavanols in the cocoa have been used to reverse age-related memory loss in the healthy elderly adults. If you consume chocolate daily, it keeps your cardiovascular system pumping and keeps your mind alert and sharp. It will also make your happy and calm too.

1. Gives You A Happy Mood

Dark chocolate contains high polyphenol lelvel that help to improve anxiety and depression symptoms. It also improves the feeling of pleasure and calmness. Both the methylxanthines and flavanols help in mood enhancement. It also reduces depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue syndrome in people.

2. Enhance Cognitive Function

When you eat this food, the flavanols contained in penetrates and collect in the brain areas involved in memory and learning especially the hippocampus. These flavanols boost blood flow to the brain, enhance neurons functioning and the connection between neurons, and safeguards neurons from death by free radicals. Cocoa improves cognitive function both in adults and seniors suffering from cognitive impairment.

3. Boost Blood Flow

Compounds contained in dark chocolate boost memory, reaction time, problem-solving, attention span and blood flow to the brain. A hot choco mixture is rich in flavanols help to boost memory. It also leads to the hiked function in an area of brain hippocampus called dentate gyrus linked to pattern recognition recall. It may even stop the mental retardation in seniors.

4. Improves Learning, Memory, And Focus

Caffeine-rich chocolate is a brain booster that helps to improve mood, memory, and concentration when taken in low doses.

5. Makes You Smarter

It’s daily intake of improves focus and learning. One study shows that more chocolate a country eats, the more Nobel prizes they win. It has neuroprotective and brain plasticity capabilities that help in increasing intelligence.

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