Is There a Link Between Leg Strength and Brain Health?

leg strength and brain health

Although it’s nothing new that our physical and mental health are strongly connected, a recent study has discovered an interesting aspect of this relationship. It seems that our leg strength can be a good predictor of our brain health as we reach late adulthood. So, how does this relationship work?

In this article, we will be exploring the link between leg strength and brain health.

The Research on Leg Strength and Brain Health

A British study published in the journal Gerontology tried to explain the effect of physical fitness on our brain. The scientists analyzed the data collected from 324 female twins aged between 43 and 73 years. They took neuropsychological and leg explosive power tests at the beginning of the study and did a follow-up 10 years later.

The study found that women who had more leg power were less likely to experience cognitive changes after 10 years. Brain imaging showed that the more physically fit twins had significantly increased brain volume compared to the less fit one. The fit twin performed 18% better on cognitive tests.

The Importance of the Study

This is hardly the first study that implies that physical fitness can help our bran health. Numerous studies have found links between physical activity and brain health, whether the activity in question is as light as walking or intense exercise.

However, this is one of the rare studies that doesn’t rely on self-reported activity, but looks at the results of physical exercise.


The connection between leg strength and brain health gives us another reason to hit the gym. So, if you are looking for ways to improve your cognitive health along with your fitness – look no further than intense workouts.

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