Keep Your Friends Close: The Effects of Friendships on Brain Health

effects of friendships on brain health

Keeping your body in good shape is a good way to protect your brain. But that is not the only way you can take care of yourself as you age.

Scientists say that your personal life has a huge effect on your cognitive health. So what are the main effects of friendships on brain health?

Keeping Sharp in Old Age

A study done on people over the age of 80 showed fascinating results. Some study participants had a better memory than middle-aged people do. They also performed better than their peers when it came to cognitive testing.

But what is the secret of keeping sharp in old age? This research showed the startling effects of friendships on brain health.

People whose mind stayed sharp over the age of eighty all had a steady friend group. They worked on maintaining their friendships. So why does friendship stop the cognitive decline?

The answer is still uncertain. However, we know that talking to people regularly is good for the brain. Memory loss can be prevented by having frequent conversations.

People who have many friends are also more curious about life. They get more opportunities to bring up old memories.

Furthermore, having friends can inspire people to keep seeking out challenges. After all, you’re much likelier to take up a new hobby if your friends are doing it too. Learning new things is the best way to preserve your brain health.

Friendship is good for your general health as well. It can motivate you to look into exercise and healthy cooking.

A Final Word

Are you worried about changing as you age? The best thing to do is to keep in touch with old friends. You can also seek out new connections at any age.

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