Memory Loss: Ayurveda vs. Allopathy

Should we return to our roots? This is suggested by the current research going on in medicine. The memory loss can occur at any stage due to several reasons. There is no single reason for it.

Main question

Even the Brahmi is considered as one of the best herbs for the treatment of memory loss. But the question still arise is whether Brahmi can perform better than using those allopathic drugs.


In 2012, one clinical trial was conducted by PGI in December that took 100 patients into account. The experiment which was done collaboratively also included the departments of pharmacology and neurology and Shri Dhanwantry Ayurvedic College, Chandigarh. So, this clinical trial which was conducted in PGI in 2012 had proven their experience that the Brahmi has no toxicity at all in human beings.

The Brahmi works great in the case of insufficient memory. Sudesh Prabhakar who is the head of the department of neurology said that the next step should be in studying the Brahmi as compared to allopathic medicines.


The trial

In this clinical trial, 50 patients had been put only on Brahmi in the synthesized form while the others have been put on allopathic medicines. The lead investigator of the project said that this is meant for the early memory loss but not for so-called dementia which always has been considered as the cause of memory loss. As per Dr. Sudesh Prabhakar gave the instructions, the experiment had been done on the people until 72 years of age except for the children. The investigator concluded after the investigation that the people who took doses of Brahmi would have enhanced the memory to the average retention and the ability of learning. Prabhakar also added that it works well for the early memory loss without any side effects in humans.

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