People with Extraordinary Memories Share These Things in Common

people with extraordinary memories

Most people’s memory resembles a scrapbook, as they only recall certain events. When learning about a new topic, even though they manage to retain this information for quite some time, they soon forget. But what about people with extraordinary memories? Do they share common traits?

As it turns out, extraordinary memory can take different forms, so let’s look at the different types of extraordinary memory. Then, we will also be able to establish what characteristics people with extraordinary memories in each specific type share.

Exceptional Autobiographical Memory

People with an exceptional autobiographical memory can recall all the events in their life in great detail. Unlike the rest of us, they remember smells, clothing, the weather, the emotions, and the sound. In short, they recall absolutely everything about every event in their life.

Common Traits of People with Exceptional Autobiographical Memory

Though neuroscientific studies have failed to show that people with exceptional autobiographical memory have a different brain structure, they still share some common traits. Thinking a lot about their past and showing signs of obsessive-compulsive behavior are the main traits associated with this type of memory.

Eidetic Memory

People with extraordinary eidetic memory can recall a large volume of images and sounds in great detail. After studying an image for 30 minutes, they can remember the picture as if though it was still right in front of them

Common Traits of People with Eidetic Memory

If you have a photographic memory, you could consider it an eidetic memory. However, few studies have been conducted in this area. Some individuals with eidetic memory felt that the images they recalled were so vivid that they resembled hallucinations.


Mnemonists can recall lots of facts and figures, including numbers, names, and terms. As students often need to remember information for examinations, scientists have developed mnemonic memory techniques. Using these, they can improve their memory and do better on academic tests.

What’s more, using mnemonic devices, everyone can train their memory with significant success.

Common Traits of Mnemonists

No specific traits exist here, however, through the use of mnemonic devices, everyone can improve their memory significantly.

Final Thoughts

Throughout history, people with extraordinary memories have outlined the advantages and disadvantages of this gift. As for the rest of us, well, we can train our memory using a mnemonic device and different memory strategies.

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