Reversing Memory Loss in People with Alzheimer’s May Soon Be Possible

reversing memory loss in people with Alzheimer’s

Medical science is still working on reversing memory loss in people with Alzheimer’s. This disease affects around 5.7 million Americans. Additionally, it is the 6th leading cause of death in the US.

So where could the cure come from? Here is a quick look at a new discovery that could lead to defeating this disease.

A New Solution from the MIT

So what is the key to reversing memory loss in people with Alzheimer’s? This disease develops due to an enzyme called HDAC2. Too much of this chemical damages the brain.

Researchers have been looking for ways to lower HDAC2 levels. However, they weren’t very successful until now. Blocking the enzyme has toxic effects.

But a group of researchers from the MIT made some exciting new discoveries. They found a safer way to block the effects of HDAC2. Their treatment targets the gene responsible for this enzyme.

They experimented on mice that had Alzheimer’s. This treatment helped reverse the effects of the disease. Furthermore, they managed to restore the test subjects’ long-term memories.

What Happens Next?

This cure isn’t completely foolproof yet.

It consists of 90 different amino acids. Hence, the treatment is too complex for a single drug. The scientists believe that there are ways to simplify it.

They are working on applying this treatment to humans. This means a great deal of extensive testing. Additionally, the researchers are looking into other genes that affect this enzyme.

A Final Word

Reversing the effects of Alzheimer’s is extremely important.

But this discovery has some more potential applications. It could help people who have PTSD. After all, that disorder comes with high levels of HDAC2 too.

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