Simple Steps to Sharpen Your Memory Skills

If you met a person several days ago and today, during your second meeting, it was impossible for you to remember her name, it means that you are starting to lose your memory skills. Yes, you can get away easily by simply avoiding to use her name, but it still represents an awkward and even worrying incident. Some people simply believe that the person in question did not captivate their interest nor did something particular in order to persist in their mind. However, if this keeps happening to you even though you are in the prime of your life, it is important to acknowledge that your memory plays tricks on you and that you have to start taking measures. The explanation is quite simple: nowadays, we constantly expose our brain to a large amount of information and he reacts by eliminating certain things like names or dates in order to make enough room for others. Shortly, information overload represents the most powerful enemy that affects our memory.

Daily meditation

If you rely on your devices in order to store data and send you notifications every time when someone’s birthday is coming or you have an important meeting, it means that you gave up on finding a natural and efficient solution that does not require external help. Change your bad habits and try these simple steps that will boost your memory. Start by meditating a few minutes each day. It does not matter how busy you are, it is possible to find the necessary time, no more than ten minutes in the mornings or evenings to block out distractions and focus on yourself. You do not have to do ridiculous things like finding your inner animal spirit or lightening a row of candles around you. The main idea is to experience at least one moment a day of peace and quiet that allows you to free your mind from all the obligations and responsibilities that burden your shoulders. Close your eyes take a deep breath and try to relax your body.

Focus and prospective memory

Undoubtedly, reaching a state of full concentration in modern society represents quite a challenge. However, the main reason for which you keep forgetting details is that you do not pay enough attention in the first place. If you find it difficult to concentrate your attention in certain moments, try to associate the information with something meaningful. We all know that we cannot forget moments or details that have great significance for us. This represents a simple trick that you can easily apply in order to improve your memory skills and prevent awkward meetings as the one described above. Even though prospective memory may seem a complex concept, it simply refers to the ability of remembering an action you need to do in the near future. For instance, you hurry to the office and you forget to bring an important document. A smart move is to leave reminders that will help you remember to do the specific action. In this case, you can place your document on the hallway to see it before leaving the house.

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