Smart Ways To Serve Tuna

If you need to get more protein into your diet plan, look no further than tuna. Tuna is great because not only is it a 100% pure source of protein, you just have to open the can and it’s ready to eat. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

Most people are not eating tuna regularly either because they don’t like it or they don’t know how to prepare it. If you’ve ever had canned tuna straight, you know that it’s not exactly the best tasting food.

Fortunately, you can change that. Let’s look at a few of the best ways to serve tuna that will wake up your taste buds.

Tuna With Salsa

For a super fast fix, try simply mixing a can of tuna with a quarter cup of salsa. Serve this over a bed of brown rice with a tablespoon or two of kernel corn and some diced cilantro and you’ll have a delicious meal you’ll want to eat time and time again.

Tuna And Avocado

Next, consider serving up some tuna with avocado. The avocado will offer a delicious creamy taste, much like that of mayonnaise, helping you to satisfy your craving for tuna salad. Plus, you’ll add some healthy fats to your menu.

Serve this in a pita or between two slices of Ezekiel bread. Your choice.

Tuna Burgers

Finally, the last delicious way to eat tuna is to prepare tuna burgers. Mix together the canned tune with an egg, some oats, along with salt, pepper, and garlic. Add some diced peppers or onions if desired. Form into patties and then place on the grill or frying pan and cook until done, 2-3 minutes per side.

So don’t think that canned tuna has to be boring any longer. Try one of these delicious ways of serving it and you’ll find you actually look forward to this protein source.

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