Super Foods for Super Memory – How Diet Influences Your Brain

Your diet has a word to say in terms of brain health. This is why it is highly important to maintain a clean diet, rich in healthy foods. This happens because as scientists discovered in the past few years, the food that you ingest has a word to say on the way in which your brain is dealing with the inflammation that appears in stressful situations. Any type of stress under which our brain is, causes the body to release inflammatory cytokines. So, whenever you’re stressed, your brain will suffer somehow. However, the good news is that you can prevent and treat that inflammation easily with the help of some super food for your brain. Below we have a short list of great products that will help your brain.

1. Avocados

Milennials, rejoice! The supper food that young individuals nowadays are somehow obsessed with comes with plenty of advantages for the brain. The fatty fruit is packed with “good” fats, monosaturated ones. These will keep a clear appearance of the skin, while providing the necessary fuel for an improved cognitive function. Due to the high levels of flotate and vitamin K, the fruit is the perfect defense against strokes. More than this, the two elements are just perfect for improving memory and concentration capabilities. Another great aspect of eating this super fruit daily is the high concentration of vitamin C. Naturally, this vitamin cannot be stored by the human body, and providing a generous daily intake helps live a healthier life. Also, considering the fact that this fruit comes with the highest levels of proteins and lowest levels of sugar, it may be one of the healthiest available.

2. Blueberries

Specialists advise a daily intake of this small fruit because of the enormous health benefits that it can bring. Also with a high content of Vitamin K, C and fibers, and gallic acid, these small fruits protect our brains from stress and degeneration. Try to eat them as a snack, or try to prepare your own super smoothies. Combined with carrots, beets and avocados, these are incredible protectants for your brain and help you develop a sharp memory.

3. Coconut oil

As a natural inflammatory product, the highly adaptable coconut oil cannot be anything than good for your brain sharpness and health. It reduces brain degeneration caused by ageing. Also, we all know that bad gut bacteria also have a role to play when it comes to memory loss. Well, the good news is, coconut oil is the perfect deterrent when it comes to it. Try to integrate it into your daily diet and you will certainly preserve a happy brain!

4. Turmeric

This ancient spice is high in anti-inflammatory elements and can improve brain health and memory like no other spice! Integrate it into your daily diet and you will improve your immune system and your brain’s oxygen intake. This, as a result, will make you smarter, with a better memory!

Your brain needs nourishing food in order to work properly. Give up processed foods, with additives, and turn your attention to all-natural products!


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