The Connection between Chronic Fatigue and Memory Loss

chronic fatigue and memory loss

Chronic fatigue syndrome is something that is contested in terms of its details. Some believe it’s caused by viral infections. Others think psychological stress is to blame. While many argue the different points of it, those that experience it know some of the symptoms are worse than others. Memory loss is one the more common symptoms. But just what is the link between chronic fatigue and memory loss?

Is There Actually a Link

Going back to 1997, a study was done on memory loss. It compared one group of healthy individuals to a group that suffered from chronic fatigue. The results, surprising at the time, showed that the group of chronic fatigue patients performed the worst on cognitive tests.

There were a number of tests done on them including short and long delay recall tests to prove the verbal memory status, as well as tests of immediate and delayed visual retention abilities.

With the chronic fatigue patients scoring low across all tests, it became apparent that there is a connection between chronic fatigue and memory loss.

How Are They Connected

Although the existence of a connection is undeniable, what causes the connection between chronic fatigue and memory loss has not been as easy to ascertain. It could be the result of underlying conditions. These could range from major depressive disorders to attention deficit disorder. Another explanation could be that depression has nothing to do with it. All things considered, it’s clear that more research should be done on the subject.


Chronic fatigue presents itself in a number of ways, with most of these symptoms having some form of a temporary cure. We can take Panadol for the headaches; heat packs help the muscle aches and warm tea helps the sore throats. A symptom such as memory loss is harder to adjust to life with, though. This just emphasizes the importance of the research that is currently going on towards it.

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