The F.A.S.T. Way to Recognize the Symptoms of Stroke

recognize the symptoms of stroke

Statistics show that strokes are widespread in the US. Around 795,000 Americans suffer a stroke every year. In most cases, strokes happen over the age of 65.

When someone near you suffers a stroke, it’s crucial to act very quickly. After all, immediate action will reduce the risk of complications. It can even save lives.

Hence, everyone should learn to recognize the symptoms of stroke.

When you suffer a stroke, parts of your body may become numb. You can also experience a severe headache and vision problems. Additionally, suffering a stroke will cause dizziness and balance problems.

So what should you do if you suspect that a loved one is having a stroke? The CDC has composed a simple guide to help with this.

1. Face

Ask your loved one to smile at you. If the smile is drooping on one side, it could be a symptom. After all, stroke affects different parts of the body, usually on one side.

2. Arms

Ask your loved one to lift both of their arms. Can they keep their arms raised?

3. Speech

Ask them to repeat a short sentence. Is their speech clear or slurred?

4. Time

If your loved one is experiencing any of the symptoms, call 9-1-1 right away. It is also important to write down the time when each symptom appears.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

It’s important to realize that stroke can come with confusion. Because of this, your loved ones need your help to recognize the symptoms of stroke.

When you call 9-1-1, stay calm and follow instructions. Driving to the hospital isn’t usually a good idea. Instead, medical personnel will want to start treating your loved one as soon as they arrive.

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