There is Nothing Funny About This Type of Memory Loss

Short-term memory loss confusion may seem funny to some people on the outside looking in, but for those who suffer from it or experience it, short-term memory loss confusion is usually serious business. The confusion that results from short-term memory loss is sometimes amusing even to the person who experiences it, but mainly it’s irritating if not downright scary.

Imagine yourself in any of these situations. How would you react?
  • Walk out to your car to start it, and when you turn the key in the ignition you find it’s already started? (Seems funny at first, but what about damage to your starter system or pistons?)
  • Have trouble remembering the names of some of your closest work colleagues at a special gathering such as a company Christmas party or Summer trip?
  • Roam around the house looking for the pencil you “misplaced”…Only to find it a few minutes later in your own hand?
  • Cannot remember why you walked into a room you strode into with purpose when you entered?
  • Constantly forget the birthdays, anniversaries, and so on of those closest to you, including your own spouse and children?

Now, these sound funny on the surface. Or, they sound like “common experiences.” But, what if these tendencies or conditions turn a bit more serious?

  • You forget where you are when you’ve gone Christmas shopping. You can’t find your car because you are disoriented. You finally call security, and great chaos ensues that ties up local law enforcement until you realize you simply walked out of the wrong door of the local mall.
  • You were supposed to remember the name of an important person at a business-casual gathering so that you could introduce yourself or an important person to them for the sake of your company. Now, in confusion, you end up insulting the person by calling them the wrong name–the name of a rival competitor–and losing your company a very important contract.
  • You place a telephone call to your significant other and, in your state of confusion, call them by the wrong name.
  • You take the train to a city on a business trip…But you get off at the wrong station and then can’t figure out where you are.

You can see how it’s easy for short-term memory loss to lead to confusion, and confusion in certain situations can lead right into chaos and serious personal harm even of a non-physical sort. Short-term memory loss problems can be very scary, too.

You might not be able to remember the most routine thing you did yesterday, even when it’s of extreme importance such as where you put a client’s business card or your boss’ cell phone number. If you think you are experiencing problems with short-term memory loss confusion, seek medical help right away.

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