Think Spatially: A Special Way to Memorize Things

spatial thinking and memory

You may or may not be familiar with the concept of spatial thinking. It turns out spatial thinking could act as a tool to memorize information with more efficiency. This article outlines what spatial thinking is, while also reporting on a recent study in this area. Here, researchers discovered that mathematics and spatial thinking can help your memory. So, what is the link between spatial thinking and memory?

What Is Spatial Thinking?

Everyone thinks spatially several times a day. Spatial thinking has space and how objects are placed within that framework at the center. So, when you’re moving furniture, you’re thinking spatially. What’s more, when you’re traveling, you also think spatially. Spatial thinking plays an important role in mathematics, engineering, art, architecture, and many other sciences involving space and objects.

In addition, spatial thinking also translates into the abstract. So, when you describe yourself as close to someone, you’re thinking spatially.

In recent times, scientists, as well as business leaders, have pointed to how crucial spatial thinking skills are. What’s more, educators have been emphasizing the importance of teaching kids spatial thinking.

Study Findings

But, what is the link between spatial thinking and memory? In a recent study, Russian high school students with different levels of math skills were given a set of tasks requiring problem-solving and spatial thinking skills, as well as spatial memory skills. They found that participants with higher math skills performed better.

As a result, they concluded that the problem-solving skills required in math might help to improve both spatial thinking and spatial memory.

Final Thoughts

Educators have been stressing the need to teach kids spatial thinking skills. Pointing to many studies, they believe that the development of solid spatial thinking skills can help kids in a wide variety of areas.

When it comes to the link between spatial thinking and memory, the scientists mentioned above have called for further research in this area.

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