What Causes Memory Issues at a Young Age?

memory issues at a young age

Memory loss is increasingly common among adults under the age of forty.

Most guides to living with memory loss are intended for an older audience. If you are a young person combating memory issues, don’t be discouraged. The cause and treatment of your memory problems may be different than usual. But with the right professional help, you can find ways to undo any damage.

The Problem

Broadly speaking, there are four major causes of memory issues at a young age:

  • Depression – Depressed people have a lot of difficulty focusing on anything. This disease can disrupt both your short-term and long-term memory. It is actually the leading source of memory issues in the 18-39 age bracket.

  • Other health and lifestyle factors, such as high blood pressure or physical inactivity. Many young people sleep too little and fail to keep a balanced diet. People in this age bracket may also be likelier to choose sedentary hobbies, such as gaming.

  • Overload of information – Young people have to deal with a constant stream of information, both in their professional and personal life. Experts say that this shortens the attention span, and it often causes forgetfulness.

The Solution

If you are facing memory issues at a young age, you should seek out expert help. This includes a mental health consultation, as well as learning how you can achieve a healthier lifestyle despite your obligations.

It may take a while, but you can get your sharpness back! Once you have worked out your memory issues, you’ll become more fulfilled and productive in all walks of life.

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