What Happens to Your Brain When You Have a Concussion?

why are concussions dangerous

Why are concussions dangerous? What do they do to your brain? Here are some of the most important things you should know about concussions.

What Causes a Concussion?

You already know that concussions come from a blow to the head. This can be the result of sports injuries, traffic accidents or everyday slips and falls. But what happens in your brain when you suffer from a concussion?

The brain is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid. When you receive a hard blow, the brain may move around in this fluid. It presses against your skull, which results in bruising.

But experts say that there’s another concern as well. Different parts of your brain can move at different speeds when you go through something like a car accident. Thus, your nerve tissue can get stretched or torn.

A concussion is a mild form of traumatic brain injury. But why are concussions dangerous? Do they cause permanent changes in your brain?

Why Are Concussions Dangerous?

There’s an important thing you need to keep in mind about concussions.

Primary injuries are the immediate changes that happen in your brain. But there are secondary injuries as well. These happen a few hours later, and they are even more dangerous.

So what are these secondary injuries? Your brain can get inflamed due to trauma. Additionally, the nerve damage can lead to a sudden influx of free radicals.

This can permanently damage your brain tissue. While most people can recover fully from a concussion, it’s important to find medical care as soon as possible.

Your doctor will monitor your secondary injuries. They might prescribe antioxidant therapy or some other solutions. But remember that acting fast is crucial to your wellbeing.

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