Your Smartphone Might Cause a Chemical Imbalance in Your Brain

smartphones might cause chemical imbalance

Walk down the main street of most towns, and you can count more smartphones than you have fingers. The ever-expanding capability of these phones has made them a necessity in life. It’s only fair that there is also research into their possible negative effects, particularly whether smartphones might cause a chemical imbalance in the brain.

What’s the Connection?

One study examined 19-year-olds to if smartphones might cause a chemical imbalance in its users. It showed that the extent of the imbalance came down to the addiction level of the phone owner.

From performing different MRI’s, researchers were able to measure the levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid present. This acid is the neurotransmitter responsible for the electrical stimulation of the neurons in your brain.

When those neurons experience over-excitation, that’s when a chemical imbalance in the brain occurs. The study found that the subjects who were more addicted to their phones were more likely to experience this.

This chemical imbalance in the brain can disrupt cognitive functions.

Tips to Avoid This

The easiest way to counteract this is not to use the phone. It may not be possible to cut out all uses of the phone, but reducing the usage can also have positive effects.

It’s a good idea to schedule periods in your life when phones will not be allowed. You may find that doing this allows you to be more productive in life, as you are not waiting around for your phone to ring.

Other tips to help you reduce your usage include turning your phone off when you enter a vehicle. You could also leave your phone turned off for the first 30 minutes of every day. It can also be helpful to set a rule of not bringing your phone into bed with you.


Although smartphones might cause a chemical imbalance in the brain, this is more likely for heavy smartphone users. By reducing the usage, there is the potential to do less damage to yourself and the neurons in your brain.

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