5 Things You Need to Know About Brain Aneurysms

causes of brain aneurysms

What are the top causes of brain aneurysms? What is the difference between a ruptured and unruptured aneurysm? How do you recognize this condition?

Here are some facts everyone needs to know about brain aneurysms.

Aneurysms Are Fairly Widespread

Around 6 million US people have an unruptured brain aneurysm. This means that an artery in their brain has changed shape. The artery usually develops a kind of sac that fills with blood.

If an aneurysm bursts, it can be fatal. Doctors say there are around 30,000 burst aneurysms in the US every year.

There Are Many Different Causes of Brain Aneurysms

You can inherit this condition.

It also comes from excessive strain, such as intense exercise. Additionally, it is connected with old age.

But there are also lifestyle-related causes of brain aneurysms. For example, they can come from intense stress.

Prevention is Possible

To lower your risk, you should quit drinking and avoid drugs. Try to keep your blood pressure balanced.

There Are Ways You Can Recognize an Unruptured Aneurysm

It is very important to seek out a doctor if you suspect you have an unruptured aneurysm. So what do you need to look out for?

Headaches and dizziness are your first sign. Additionally, an aneurysm can blur your vision. Seizures are another possibility.

If you have these symptoms, you need to go through testing as soon as possible.

It’s Crucial to React Quickly if an Aneurysm Bursts

A burst aneurysm can be fatal. But calling an ambulance immediately will improve your chances. Make sure the people you live with know what to do.

The main symptom is a very severe headache. Sensitivity to light is also common. You may lose consciousness too.

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