6 Relationships Between Music and Memory

The human capacity to remember and learn is powerfully linked to our senses. A caress, a scent, a song are things that stay in our memories. The ease with which we recognize melodies and refrains is such that much of the vital information we need for our cognitive development comes in the form of songs.

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Think of the alphabet, for example. Simple tunes with choirs made up of accessible words often stay wandering in our minds, whether we like it or not. Even more complicated issues and lyrics can be remembered easily by being accompanied by a musical rhythm.

This bridge between music and memory have scientific backing. In recent years, numerous published psychological investigations demonstrate the enormous power that music has in our brain and, more specifically, in our memory.

Music for memory retention, is it real?

1. Music activates the brain

Concretely, musical sounds activate auditory, motor and limbic brain areas (linked to emotions). And they do it automatically, regardless of the type of music we enjoy listening.

2. Music revives our memories

We all have songs associations with a particular time of our life. These songs transport us immediately to those periods, shaping our memories. This phenomenon is better known as “reminiscences.”

3. Music facilitates language learning

Through repetition, the words musicality and pronunciation, learning other languages by listening to music is one of the most effective tools to achieve it.

4. Music enhances verbal learning

Listening to music at an early age develops the left part of the brain, responsible for verbal memory. For this reason, children who have been in regular contact with music are more able to respond to stimuli, concentrate and learn.

6. Music can alleviate brain damage

It has been shown that listening to songs helps to memory recover in people who have suffered brain trauma, in addition to stimulating the emotional aspects of their minds during the process.

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