6 Tricks to Improve Your Memory

As time passes, people start noticing that they are no longer as sharp-minded as they used to be in the past. Firstly, you should know that there is absolutely nothing abnormal in starting to forget things as your first-grade best friend’s name. Details simply start to fade in time, and that’s not because you are suffering from a dangerous disease, but because you are getting older and older. Fortunately, there are a lot of fun activities that could help you keep your mind as sharp as it used to be. Below is a variety of ways to maintain your brain busy at all times.

#1 Doodling

Even though you might consider doodling a focus-free activity, the truth is that the brain is highly active when doing it. A study segmented a group into two different sections, and each one was supposed to listen to a message. The difference is that one group had to listen to the message while doodling while the others while doing nothing else. The section which was doodling remembered 25% more information related to the message they heard that the section who wasn’t.

#2 Brain games

Playing brain games and constantly keeping your mind busy with an activity is the best way to improve your memory skills. For example, you can try solving the Rubik’s Cube as fast as possible, or you can play Sudoku during lunch. These small changes will make your brain stay more alert than usual. If you own a smartphone, try downloading mind training apps that provide users with daily tasks to complete.

#3 Mastering new skills

Another proven way to sharpen your mind would be mastering a new skill. If you don’t know how to cook or ride a bike, you should start learning how to do it right now. Practicing a hobby diligently will improve your memory before you know it. It goes the same without learning a new language from scratch. You can also try finding YouTube channels with teaching videos and watch one every other day.

#4 Clenching your fist

It sounds odd, but clenching your fist each time you want to remember some useful information and then clenching it again when you want to remember it works like a charm. Researchers have shown that certain movements can activate brain regions that control recalling memories.

#5 Leaving your comfort zone

People are used to relying on their comfort zone rather than building the courage to leave it and do something out of the quotidian finally. Playing it safe at all times will make your brain become lazy, which means you’ll start forgetting things. Giving yourself a boost and trying something new is essential for keeping your brain functions active and healthy.

#6 Using unusual fonts when you write

If you work a lot with writing digitally, then there is one trick that could make a tremendous difference in the way your mind perceives what you are typing: changing fonts. Even though it sounds like a small change that will make no difference, the truth is your brain will be highly solicited while reading the text.


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