How Does The Brain Age?

It is pretty evident that, once time passes by, the brain – like any other organ in the body – ages. However, it is an impressive journey that people should definitely know about and not ignore the influencing facts that appear in the way. While the body ages, you have to give it the right kind of fuel to keep it in shape. A healthy brain means good memory and clear judgment, so keep up with what’s next.

The aging timeline

The brain starts to develop during gestation. It begins to form four weeks after the conception, and it needs a healthy environment to grow as it should. Each minute, approximately 200,000 neurons are added to the human brain at a certain given time in its development. A shorter gestation period may lead to development interruptions which will later turn into behavioral/psychological issues. During childhood, the brain will produce twice the neurons it actually needs during that period of life. The brain is at its maximum capacity for energy and flexibility. In adolescence, the brain is finally entirely grown. Writing information is still on-going. The peak of the brain functions altogether is 22 years old.

By the age 45, people suffer almost 4% loss of the brain capacity, meaning that memory, reasoning, and comprehension begin to reduce. Between the moment it is fully grown and the age of 90, the brain loses up to 10% of its actual weight. This shrinkage leads to a decreased memory, special orientation and inductive reasoning. The shrinkage of the hippocampus results in a loss of orientation and wandering. By the age of 65, 7% of the brain capacity will be lost. Basically, the brain loses a large quantity if the water it contains as people age.

Factors that could influence how fast the brain shrinks

Here are some factors that can impact brain aging:

  • More sleep, more brain power

The more you sleep, the better the chances of preserving your memory. People who face daily a lack of sleep are more likely to forget things and deconcentrate from usual activities. Their capacity for learning will be dramatically affected, and without proper measurement, it can lead to permanent damage to the brain and a faster aging.

  • Physical activity

Going to the gym regularly or simply going for a jog every now and then are great ways to help your brain remain healthy. A healthy body means a healthy mind and this is the main reason why you need to adopt a healthy lifestyle altogether.

Final thoughts

Knowing how the brain works is essential to take care of it properly. Being aware what the factors that influence brain aging are and combating them is one of the most efficient ways of caring for your mind. If you don’t want to experience memory loss sooner than you have to, then simply follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and inform yourself more about this topic.

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