Craft Beer Has This Hidden Benefit

Craft Beer Has A Hidden Benefit

Italian scientists investigated the connection between craft beer and skin and published the study in Cosmetics. The results showed craft beer could improve our skin in numerous ways.

Read on to learn how craft beer can be beneficial for our skin.

Craft Beer and Better Skin

The scientists based their study on the fact that many craft beers are developed from natural ingredients such as malt and yeast that release antioxidants.

The results showed that hops have the highest phenol content, and yeast can absorb phenol. Both hops and yeast affect our mitochondrial activity, essential for producing energy and maintaining cell health. Plus, they prevent oxidative stress, which is an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals.

According to the authors, mitochondrial activity and oxidative stress are the two factors that contribute to skin aging. They concluded that hops and yeast are excellent sources of phenols, powerful antioxidants that promote healthy, glowing skin. The authors suggested these ingredients could be used in skincare products.

Craft beer is also rich in vitamin B complex and protein, promoting cell growth and strengthening your nails and hair.

Other research indicates there’s a connection between the color of your craft beer and the antioxidant content. Typically, darker beers have more antioxidants, and this is most likely due to malt.

Be Responsible

While drinking craft beer can improve your skin, it doesn’t mean you should consume it in large amounts. Moderate consumption is essential if you want to harness the benefits. Excessive alcohol intake isn’t good for your health and should be avoided.

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