This Drink Can Reduce Arthritis Pain

This Drink Can Reduce Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain can often be managed by using medication. But, if you don’t want or can’t use it, what is the alternative? Joe Graedon, M.S., and Theresa Graedon, Ph.D., have suggested a surprising juice combo that can help manage and reduce arthritis pain.

Read on to learn how the combo can help and how to prepare it.

Grape Juice and Pectin

The Graedons host a podcast called The People’s Pharmacy, where they discuss different health-related topics. They also have a column in the Settle Press, where readers can get their questions answered.

One reader asked about the grape juice and pectin home remedy for relieving arthritis pain and was interested in the correct recipe.

The Graedons stated there’s no scientific research that supports the claims this combo can help with arthritis pain. But they said they’d heard positive experiences from hundreds of other readers.

There are several ways to prepare this drink. One includes mixing one tablespoon of liquid pectin (Certo brand) with eight ounces of purple grape juice. This is the daily dosage.

For those that want to take this remedy more often, the Graedons suggested this formula: dissolving two teaspoons of Certo pectin in three ounces of grape juice.

The Graedons advise against making large batches of this home remedy because several chemical reactions can take place and jeopardize its safety. Additionally, they recommend choosing pectin that doesn’t contain preservatives or additives.

Manage Your Pain With a Home Remedy

Since there isn’t scientific research about the grape juice and pectin combo, it’s impossible to establish how it affects arthritis pain. If you’re looking for a pain-management method that doesn’t include using medications, feel free to try this. However, we recommend consulting your doctor first.

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