How Images Make Effective Learning Tools

images boost learning

If very old textbooks and other course books didn’t include images, it wasn’t because these weren’t beneficial. Instead, getting images printed wasn’t always as easy as it is today. Now images have become a key component of most learning materials, whether they are online courses, blog posts, or books. That’s hardly surprising considering that images boost learning. Find out why.

Images Improve the Assimilation of Information

The brain processes images much faster than text. MIT scientists found that the brain can processes images that it sees for a little as a millisecond. By contrast, we need significantly more time to process words. The brain’s ability to quickly processes images suggests that image slideshows and infographics could all be effective learning tools.

The Visual Brain Likes Colors

Another important thing to remember is that half of our brain is visual. Ever since you were little, your brain has been making sense of visual stimuli, cataloging it, and turning it into memories and dreams. As a result, images trigger parts of our brain that simple text does not. In this way, images boost learning when they are made part of the learning experience.

Color not only makes content more interesting, but it can help create more vivid memories that are easier to retrieve. Color is the most important visual experience we have and can enhance memory performance in learning contexts and beyond. Good images for learning use appropriate colors to induce relaxation and make the information easier to assimilate.

Final Words

Our brains are essentially visual, which is why images boost learning and make it more enjoyable. The colors and visual cues that images bring us are essential to a quick yet deep learning experience. Whether you’re studying something or creating a course, integrating images in the learning experience in crucial and should come naturally.

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