How Much Exercise Makes Your Brain Healthy?

exercise makes your brain healthy

What are the best ways to keep your mind sharp? A healthy diet and regular sleeping schedule are crucial to preventing cognitive decline. But doctors say that physical exercise makes your brain healthy too.

What Is the Right Amount of Exercise?

According to experts, ten minutes a day could be enough to make a significant change. While an hour a day could be ideal, it is not an option for some people. In addition to time constraints, many lack the physical ability to exercise for an extended amount of time.

But ten minutes of jogging or fitness is an option for nearly anybody. Using an exercise bike for that length of time is another great way to achieve progress. You can incorporate any kind of aerobic exercise into your day without needing to change your routine.

So does it really work?

Studies show that people can concentrate much better after ten minutes of working out. Furthermore, it has a positive impact on your short-term memory.

Why Does Exercise Help?

Both research and experience show that exercise makes your brain healthy. But what is the science behind this? Why does working out have an impact on your brain?

For one thing, exercise improves your circulation. Your brain needs a lot of oxygenated blood, so better circulation means better brain performance.

Researchers have found that working out also stimulates parts of the brain directly. This is especially true for young people whose brain is still developing.

Long-term considerations are important as well. Working out every day will lower your risk of diabetes, obesity, and depression. All of these health issues can contribute to the development of cognitive impairment.

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